Attila name meaning Hun nickname Etele

Ancient first one language was Magyar Language, before Babylon mix time. And yes the holly land is Hungary. So if you see lot of language has basic in Hungary like English. For example Varga Csaba - Szavaink a múltból: alphabet Hungary m change in english to w.  m=w  mos = wash, mit = what, ment = went, mi = we, merre = where and etcetera lot of logic change from origin. Magyar language even lot of Jewish scientist use for logic thinking. In 1991, Edward Teller Jewish atom scientist said about the Hungarian language : "... I have excellent new discovery that there is only one language, and that language is Hungarian." (Teller Ede Mai Nap - Today Day, Budapest, 1991 September.)

Origin writing Atilla at + illa

Meaning in English:  Wind of God or Scourge of God

At ancient Magyar meaning= atya = creator = God

illa ancient Magyar meaning = illan = száll = szél = Wind = strike = Whip

Whip of God



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Atais vs. Atlantis = God vs. Antichrists = Isten vs. Satan

iSTeN  vs. SaTaN booth STN

Isten Word ie high resolution reaching the source point!

Satan Word aa low resolution reaching from source point!

Meaning in English:

Ata is = God Land = land with Love = Nature honour peoples

-lan in Hungary language like -less in English

At lan t is = Godless Land = land without Love = Technology honour peoples

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Attila the Hun he live after Jesus Christ 434 - 453

Enlighten Hun King and Magus

Whip of God - Ruler of the Hunnic Empire

The West fear him. Hungary is a holly land time to time, a Hearth chakra of Earth. Hungary the land what the Partus Prince Jesus told Johannes go the Holly land. Attila was also highest 24 carat Hun Magus like Jesus Christ from a Partus Empire Big city Bethlehem. Jesus origin name was Jesse, her mother was Maria Adiabene-Kharax Partus Princes and yes Jesus not was a simple carpenter.

The West Kings stolen lot of Hun Scythian gold from area now we know Hungary. Hungary this time was not lot of Hun warrior this was mostly Temple area. Also Attila has contract peace treaty with westerns Kings. But for those people who is coming from Atlantis all those westerns Kings was too much temptation easy gold, They stole lot of tones gold and kill lot of Hun Priest. After the attack news go east to Attila Hun Empire. The Hun army later turn back Pannonia area. They start track the gold from city to city in west countries.  Hun army find only a part of those gold! What Attila not find and the West countries not was turning back, you can see all famous West Museum name of Scythian Gold's. Attila also was study in Rome he was roman patrician, he spoke about 7 languages. That right he do not destroy Roma! He give amnesty to Rome, but this maybe not was a good idea, because after that the Roma delegations give beautiful girl to Be a wife and she or somebody from the delegation put poison in diner, and he died next day.  

Scythian origin name not a country only name of archer bow people. In the Satanic culture in west or like Nostradamus told Antichrist believers created an false stories about Attila. Also they made ugly picture to history how He look like. Like they make to Jesus too. Everybody who knows all high energy level leaving beans has a beautiful and balancing face.  

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Esaoteric Tales

Once Upon a Time, One Time was, one Time was not Esoteric Tales And Who do not believe,  please find out your self the True! If those Tales you find in here has accidentally anything similar with a real life, you should to know that is just an accident! All Our Character, names, places and stories just a fictions in our Mind and Soul!

Book of True

A multipage website!

Note: This Web Site Stand Up for gendering together Magyar Ancient Teaching.

Ancient Magyar Light - One God believe: Because everything coming from the One when the One self reflecting her self in the Time and create with this one or unlimited dimensions. And now you can see God! It is everything is God, for example your monitor what you looking right now. And yes of course you are too! So that right he has a knowledge from everything. And now some one think that not can be, not have some big mind et all. And think again because God has a good humour also.  Sometime prizing you unexpected way. Must remember before God everybody standby energy naked without lie, and yes spiritually every heart will measured.

George Kisfaludy (György) Time researcher Terembura


Dr. Usui had spent many years on a quest for the secret of the ancient healing and enlighten knowledge. He usually went to a mountain top in Japan and underwent a 21 day purification, fasting and meditating. In the Time at the end of which he received enlightenment and the power of healing. He came down from the mountain and spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching what we know as Reiki.

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Netti on maailmanlaajuinen tietoverkko, joka yhdistää paikallisia tietoverkkoja toisiinsa. Nimitys on peräisin englanninkielisestä sanasta internetwork eli verkkojenvälinen, jota käytetään, kun tietoverkkoja yhdistetään toisiinsa. Internet ei siis ole yksi lukuisista tietoverkoista, vaan nimitys tarkoittaa kaikkien yhteen liitettyjen tietoverkkojen kokonaisuutta. Internet on avoinna kaikille, jotka haluavat liittyä siihen noudattamalla sen teknisiä viestintäsääntöjä (protokollia).

The terms online and offline (also on-line and off-line) have specific meanings with respect to computer technology and telecommunication. In general, "online" indicates a state of connectivity, while "offline" indicates a disconnected state. In common usage, "online" often refers to the Internet or the World Wide Web.

The concepts have however been extended from their computing and telecommunication meanings into the area of human interaction and conversation, such that even offline can be used in contrast to the common usage of online (e.g., "I bought those Marcus Fenix figurines offline").







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